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Rent Land Rover in Berlin

Rent Land Rover in Berlin

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Rent Land Rover in Berlin. Let Your Passion Drive You.

Luxury Car Rental - Hire Classic, High-End Rentals in Berlin.

Go Berlin Land Rover

Gear up for winter in Berlin in a car that exudes confidence, sophistication and a robust style. Rent a Land Rover in Berlin from Europe Luxury Car Hire to go exploring.

The Land Rover is a strong and robust 4x4 within its class of luxury vehicles. Great for both urban and off-road driving, the full suite of Land Rovers including the Discovery, Sport and Evoque can negotiate the snowy Bavarian Alps to bring you the perfect winter getaway. Simply pick up your preferred 4WD from one of Berlin’s International airports such as Berlin Brandenburg International, Schönefeld Airport or Berlin Tegel Airport and both the city and its surrounds are accessible to you once inside the fierce and determined Off-roader.

The best ski resorts closest to Berlin include Jested and Bedrichov, both of which offer great scenic views, narrow slopes and the option for cross country skiing. Reach the top of the world climbing the Zugspitze in the determined Range Rover HSE. The Zugspitze is Germany’s highest mountain at some 9,717 ft ASL and requires the fierce power of the HSE in order to reach its summits. This powerful 4.4 litre, V8 engine excels on challenging terrain, confronting twists and turns at high speeds, swift over daunting crests and compressions. It exceeds all expectations testament to its high performance SVR badge.

If preferring a round of golf in the crisp air of the Bavarian Alpine landscapes, the Vogue may be the preferred choice in matching this sense of luxury and vibrance. The Vogue effortlessly combines limousine luxury with genuine off-road capability making it a supreme driving experience. Hire a robust, luxury SUV to explore the magnificence of Berlin’s great Alpine regions this winter.

Land Rover Berlin Rental

Where to hire a Land rover in Berlin? You have reached the right place! You can hire a Landrover or another luxury SUV for a day or for any purpose and rental duration.

Land Rover off road 4x4 cars include the Defender, Freelander2, Discovery 4, Range Rover Evoque (compact SUV), Range Rover Sport (mid-size SUV), and The Range Rover (full-size SUV), Land Rover LR2 and LR4.

Picture yourself driving one of our Land Rover 4X4 cars in the landscape of Berlin... this can become a beautiful reality. Rent one of our Berlin Land Rover cars and enjoy our unrivaled luxury service combined with our top car rentals.



Europe Luxury Car Hire is a leading car rental company in Europe, now active in 5 countries – Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. In Germany, Europe Luxury Car Hire services all country including the cities: Bremen, Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg and others. Our Europe car rental service will provide you an intimate experience if you choose to rent a Land Rover in Germany. Our track record of providing luxury car rentals services throughout Europe, including concierge travel services and luxury packages, will assure you get a continent-wide car rental agency that has a special passion for small details. If you would like to review more Germany car brands, other then luxury cars, please view all of our luxury cars in Berlin.

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Germany - Berlin Land Rover Rentals

Rent Land Rover Discovery

Rent Land Rover Discovery in Berlin

Rent a Land Rover Discovery 4x4 to explore any terrain with more prestige and comfort than most mid-size SUV rentals

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Rent Range Rover Sport

Special Offers AvailableRent Range Rover Sport in Berlin

A Range Rover Sport rental is where luxury meets a powerful 4x4. No celebrity's car fleet is complete without one of these to boast

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Rent Range Rover Evoque

Rent Range Rover Evoque in Berlin

Rent a Range Rover Evoque - an ideal luxury crossover 4x4 SUV for urban and off-road driving.

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Rent Land Rover Freelander

Rent Land Rover Freelander in Berlin

Smaller than most 4x4s, rent a Land Rover Freelander for the commanding driving position of a 4x4 combined with a prestige car-like convenie

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Rent Range Rover HSE

Rent Range Rover HSE in Berlin

Hire a Range Rover HSE to enjoy the comfort and ease of a true luxury 4x4 SUV. Spacious and fun, it is perfect for families and VIPs

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Rent Range Rover Sport HSE

Limited AvailabilityRent Range Rover Sport HSE in Berlin

The HSE completes our Range Rover Sport rental catalog and is a very popular car all year round. book yours today

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Rent Range Rover Vogue

Rent Range Rover Vogue in Berlin

Brilliant both on and off road, rent the Range Rover Vogue to experience the ultimate luxury SUV.

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