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Eat, sleep, pray, love

By Ethan HewsSpainShare:

Eat, sleep, pray, love. The city of Madrid encourages all these critical facets of human experience, perhaps with the emphasis on ‘Eat’. Whilst there any many beautiful hotels that offer luxurious suites ensuring a rested night’s sleep, there are ornate and grand cathedrals where the pious may devote their eternal selves, there is always romance to be had under the midnight sky along the lake of Retiro park. Yet, eating in Madrid is another matter, satiating body, mind and soul all at once. Rent a Ferrari from Madrid Airport to address the elements of life.

In the car most passionate about life, hire the Ferrari FF, fast and formidable, it always maintains an appetite for the road. First stop ought to be Le Cabrera, a central location for its cuisine and the long list of cocktails whose ingredients read like a roll call for a good time. The ambience is filled with an amusing décor, a mixture of classic and modern with a vast collection of vintage books and random quaint paraphernalia.

Book the Ferrari California T, flirtatious and audacious she is pure fun to drive along Cava Baja Street, where some of Madrid’s best restaurants can be found. Whilst the La Ferrari drives with ambition imbued into its core, boasting the extreme performance of a supercar as Ferrari’s first hybrid production. Make your destination L’Hardy for its award winning culinary excellence, the home of where many iconic spanish dishes developed their reputation. Enjoy a Gallinejas and Entresijos for an assortment of lamb fried cuts or Oreja de Cerdo a plate of pigs ears fried in garlic.

From Madrid Airport rent a Ferrari for in the wise words of Virginia Woolf “one can not think well, live well or love well, if one has not dined well”.

Ferrari Madrid Airport Rental

Hire a Ferrari for a day, a weekend or for long term rental. Our Ferrari hire service is all about providing you the ultimate driving experience when you lease one of our Ferrari's.

We rent current Ferrari models as Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 599 Fiorano, Ferrari FF coupe and others. Rent one of our Ferrari cars and enjoy our unrivaled luxury car service.

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The nearest airports to Madrid Airport are:
  • Barajas [MAD], Madrid, Spain - 55km
  • Matacan [SLM], Salamanca, Spain - 181km
  • Zaragoza [ZAZ], Zaragoza, Spain - 221km

Ferrari Rental in Madrid Airport, Spain

Rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Madrid Airport

A rare chance to drive the new fast and powerful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta supercar – hire yours today

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Rent Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Rent Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Madrid Airport

Hire a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 2012 with a mighty 4.5L V8 engine for an unbeatable convertible driving experience

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Rent Ferrari California

Rent Ferrari California in Madrid Airport

The most aerodynamic Ferrari ever made, Rent a Ferrari California for a truly unique and exotic drive in a hard-top 4-seater cabrio

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Rent Ferrari 488 GTB

Coming soonRent Ferrari 488 GTB in Madrid Airport

Comprised of 3902 cc and a V8 turbo engine, relentless power now comes in the form of the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Rent LaFerrari

Rent LaFerrari in Madrid Airport

The LaFerrari rental is a Berlinetta that combines the speed and excitement of Formula 1 driving with high level of control and stability

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Rent Ferrari F430 Spider or Coupé

Rent Ferrari F430 Spider or Coupé in Madrid Airport

A Ferrari F430 rental is available in spider and coupé styles. As a cabrio or a Berlinetta, this 2-seat supercar will amaze you

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Rent Ferrari 458 Italia

Rent Ferrari 458 Italia in Madrid Airport

Hire a Ferrari 458 Italia to dabble with Formula-1-based technologies in a beautiful and prestigious 2-seat Italian berlinetta

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Rent Ferrari FF

Rent Ferrari FF in Madrid Airport

Extreme high performance and luxurious comfort make the 2012 Ferrari FF an unbeatable grand tourer so rent yours in Madrid Airport today

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Rent Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio in Madrid Airport

Rent a Ferrari 360 Spider Cabrio for a chance to drive the cabrio version of a supercar that is considered a modern work of art as well as an...

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Rent Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design in Madrid Airport

Rent the limited edition Ferrari 458 Italia Oakley Design to discover how perfection can become slightly better

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Rent Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Rent Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Madrid Airport

Hire a 2-door 4-seater Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to drive an impressive high performance Grand Tourer

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Rent Ferrari 458 Speciale

Limited AvailabilityRent Ferrari 458 Speciale in Madrid Airport

Experience the most high performance V8 ever built by Ferrari. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a superlative sports car offering its driver an...

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Rent Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Rent Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in Madrid Airport

Rent a Ferrari 599 GTB - one of the fastest, most perfectly balanced and capable sports cars ever made

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