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Marbella has a long history of boasting prime property. Originally home to Phoenicians then Visigoths and later Romans, its warm climate and oasis like beach front invited any lone sailor or pirate alike. Across civilizations and centuries, anyone was able to realise what this sun soaked strip of the world, offers to potential residents. Under Moorish occupation, Marbella became an important town on the European coast of the Mediterranean. Even until today Arab kings still make their palace homes here. Yet now, in a more cosmopolitan mix of culture and trends, so do the rest of the world’s rich and famous. From celebrities and royals, join this glittering crowd driving a Bentley hire in Marbella.

Hire a Bentley from amidst the range of elite vehicles in our Marbella car hire fleet. Prestigious and exclusive our cars are delivered with a royal red carpet service; choose the car you want and pick the location where you want. We endeavour to work around our client’s car hire needs no matter how complex they may be. For a moment of pure exhilaration and excitement hire the Continental GT Speed, or perhaps one better, is the Continental GT Speed convertible. It will give you all the driving pleasure of an exceptionally dynamic car, under the warmth and breeze of the mediterranean sun.

Make your residence a choice from amidst the utterly luxurious Oasis Collections. A hand picked and highly exclusive selection of homes and apartments, that offer the full suite of concierge and guest services. Hire a Bentley in Marbella to get to a city where you can make a square of paradise, your own.

Bentley Marbella Rental

Rent one of our Bentley cars including Bentley Mulsanne, Continental Flying Spur, Bentley Continental Supersports, Bentley GT coupe and others.

You can book a Bentley for a day, for a romantic weekend or for a long term rental. Picture yourself driving one of our Bentley coupe or Bentley convertible cars... this can become a reality.

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Nearest airports

The nearest airports to Marbella are:
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso [AGP], Malaga, Spain - 39km
  • North Front [GIB], Gibraltar, Spain - 58km
  • Jerez De La Frontera [XRY], Jerez De La Frontera, Spain - 108km

Bentley Rental in Marbella, Spain

Hire Bentley Mulsanne

Hire Bentley Mulsanne Marbella

Hire a Bentley Mulsanne to experience the leading luxury executive saloon from Bentley

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Hire Bentley Arnage

Hire Bentley Arnage Marbella

Hire a Bentley Arnage for a spacious 4-door luxury car that is as powerful as it is noble and aristocratic. Makes a perfect wedding car

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Hire Bentley Flying Spur

Hire Bentley Flying Spur Marbella

Drive the ultimate luxury executive limousine with a Bentley Flying Spur rental

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Hire Bentley Continental GT

Hire Bentley Continental GT Marbella

Nothing says grace, elegance and style like a Bentley Continental GT rental. Hire one anywhere in Europe and enjoy its unique qualities

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Hire Bentley Continental GTC

Hire Bentley Continental GTC Marbella

Renting a Bentley Continental GTC invites more attention than the GT, the cabrio version of the elegant and powerful supercar from Bentley

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Hire Bentley Azure T

Hire Bentley Azure T Marbella

Enjoy old-fashioned luxury with Bentley’s Azure T high performance convertible GT

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