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the aristocratic nature of the Bentley

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In the aristocratic atmosphere of Geneva, what better car is there to drive than a Bentley Continental GT hire? This is the city where many of the most famous decisions and agreements have shaped the course of history, such as the Geneva Convention that marked the end of World War Two and the current home to the European Headquarters of the United Nations.

The Geneva Bentley Continental GT rental is the vehicle of choice for the fast-paced business executive, decision maker and philanthropist. With its aristocratic stature this car announces one’s superiority and command. Due to the exclusivity of this car, it often has limited availability.

However with our Luxury Bentley car hire service it is available for lease for as long as your commitments require. The Bentley Continental GT is a premium luxury coupé, with a six-speed automatic transmission and leather interior, it offers the utmost in power, comfort, size and style. You will find this 2+2, 2-door marvel is as graceful as it is large, and as comfortable as it is powerful. A Bentley Continental GT rental accelerates from 0-96km/h in 4.6 seconds due to its 552 horsepower engine and twin-turbocharged W12.

As part of our luxury rental service, the Geneva Bentley hire can be delivered to your hotel or office, or you can request our meet and greet service at Geneva Cointrin International airport. Once on the road of your Geneva Continental GT hire we recommend a visit to the Palais Des Nations, situated within the beautiful serene setting of Parc de l’Ariana.

The Palais Des Nations was home to the previous League of Nations. Now home to the European Headquarters of the United Nations, guided tours are available where you can walk the same corridors of the world’s most important power brokers and sit down amidst the Assembly Hall and Council Chamber. See the world through the eyes of the history’s greats, rent a Bentley Continental GT in Geneva.

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You can book a Bentley for a day, for a romantic weekend or for a long term rental. Picture yourself driving one of our Bentley coupe or Bentley convertible cars... this can become a reality.

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Bentley Rental in Geneva, Switzerland

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